Our Mission

We want to empower and inspire you to Be Boundless and Think What You want.

What does that mean?

1. It means thinking about the things you want, not about the things you don't want... because what you think about determines your outcome.

2. It means identifying and connecting to who you really are without the outside noise... because you are perfect only as YOU.

3. It means empowering others to do the same - letting them be different then you... because we all have our own unique perfection within.

4. It's means being 'boundless' and pursuing what you want with NO LIMITS.

We offer several programs at a variety of points to help you live a more Boundless life.

Which Boundless Pursuits program is best for you?

Daily Move and Pursuing Wellness Facebook communities FREE (links below)

Online workouts FREE (join us on youtube)

Small Group Strength training classes 99 for 4, 169 for 8

Drop/Drop plus nutrition programs INQUIRE FOR COST

Coaching programs INQUIRE FOR COST (email boundlesspursuits@gmail.com)

Adventure/Hiking Retreats COST VARIES (info on website)